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Which plugins are here, and why ?

Which plugins are here, and why ?

by Stuart Mealor -
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We have tried to select the 50 or so most popular plugins for Moodle.

This is so the site s useful for the widest range of Moodle Administrators and Teachers.

Teachers cannot install plugin own their own site, and often it's difficult to understand how the plugin would work from just reading documentation.  On this site you can actually see and use the plugins as a Teacher and a Student, and have sensible discussions with your Moodle site Administrator and wider academic team based on this smile

However, there are some considerations around our 50 or so selections...

  1. Plugins can only be included that are available for the version of Moodle this site is running - currently Moodle 3.1.
  2. We exclude plugins that would require deep integration with other systems, just because the overhead of maintenance for us is too great.
  3. Plugins with no history of development and supported upgrades may be excluded.

You can request a specific plugin if you wish, and we will review it for future inclusion on this site smile