Now running Moodle 3.1

Now running Moodle 3.1

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We've upgraded the site to Moodle 3.1

As usual with a version upgrade, some plugins have stopped working because they are not now being developed, or haven't been updated.

These include:

  • Label collapsed (you can use dynamic HTML5 to get this affect now)
  • Team Assignment (Moodle has Group Assignments now)
  • Online user map
  • Recommender
  • SLoodle backpack and Menu (anyone still use SLoodle? lol)
  • Theme switcher (completely new Theme engines in Moodle)
  • Twitter search (big changes in Twitter API)
  • User contact, User expire and User info (Moodle handles users and profile data differently now)
  • Simplespeak filter - we suggest PoodLL - it's great !

As always, we will start to add new interesting plugins that work with Moodle 3.1 now smile